Ἀγιος Φανούριος Saint Fanourios Icon
Ἀγιος Φανούριος Saint Fanourios Icon

Ἀγιος Φανούριος Saint Fanourios Icon

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Our Icon Collection is Exclusive to Miss Ble Blu Made in Greece and our partners.  Time and effort is put into making these beautiful icons. All hand crafted, and offer a 3D effect. 

The Collection is Designed and Made in Greece. Monogram Atelier icons are unique and distinct. Your original Monogram Atelier icon is made with intent and purposethe embracement of holy water with an aim to strengthen your faith to the Orthodox Religion.

If this item is on PREORDER it will take approximately 2-3 weeks to deliver.  We do our best to ensure the product is sent from Greece As Soon As Possible

Saint Fanourios is without doubt an important and holy youthful figure, who stands out in a particular way among the other Saints of Christianity, as he is not only honoured on a single date, but the faithful often make use of the well-known “fanouropita” (Fanourios cake).

 Saint Fanourios also taught us that the crown of a virtuous life is not easily won but only through continuous tests – with boldness, patience and perseverance. Therefore, as true fighters of the faith let us imitate the exemplary and irreproachable life of the Saint, so that we too may be found worthy to honour the Christian name we bear, as he so fittingly did.

This icon depicts the patron saint of lost things. If you lose something it is tradition to make a special pita in honour of the saint and he helps you find the lost object.


Designed and Made in Greece by Monogram Atelier