Ἁγιος Στυλιανὀς Saint Stylianos Icon
Ἁγιος Στυλιανὀς Saint Stylianos Icon

Ἁγιος Στυλιανὀς Saint Stylianos Icon

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Our Icon Collection is Exclusive to Miss Ble Blu Made in Greece and our partners.  Time and effort is put into making these beautiful icons. All hand crafted, and offer a 3D effect. 

The Collection is Designed and Made in Greece. Monogram Atelier icons are unique and distinct. Your original Monogram Atelier icon is made with intent and purposethe embracement of holy water with an aim to strengthen your faith to the Orthodox Religion.

If this item is on PREORDER it will take approximately 2-3 weeks to deliver.  We do our best to ensure the product is sent from Greece As Soon As Possible

Agios Stylianos was known for his love of children. Even after his death, the citizens of Paphlagonia, in Asia Minor, believed that he could cure their children. Whenever a child became sick, an icon of Agios Stylianos was painted and was hung over the child’s bed.

Agios Stylianos knew that, for people to be saved, they needed to have their souls like those of little children, who are innocent. He recognised that children are little angels, which is why he wished to help them and protect them. And God, Who works miracles, granted Stylianos grace in this matter, too.

Mothers from near and far, hastened to him, in pain and faith, bearing sick and crippled children on their shoulders, seeking a cure for their offspring. Some walked for days on end in the wilderness to find the hermit’s cave. When they arrived, they fell at his feet with tears in their eyes, glorifying God that they had finally found the saint and asking him to cure their children. Full of kindness and compassion, Agios Stylianos would take the sick infants into his arms and, with tears in his eyes, beg God to cure them. The Lord of the Heavens would listen to his heartfelt prayer and the saint worked a miracle. Sick children regained their health.

But it was not only the miraculous cures of children which glorified the name of humble Agios Stylianos. The saint acquired the reputation of wonder-worker because he helped couples conceive through his prayers. Many women fell have fallen pregnant through his intercessions. Through his blessing, many faithful Christians who had been infertile bore healthy children.


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