Γιαννη Doll
Γιαννη Doll
Γιαννη Doll

Γιαννη Doll

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Γιαννη is unique, lovable , modern and handmade in Greece.  He speaks for himself and tells a story without any words.  

'A look that combines our tradition with a modern aesthetic. The protagonists of the series are Yannis Tsolia and Giannoula the Shepherd. Handmade, fabric dolls, made in our country with love and affection. Their clothes are cotton and wool,  and their skirts are framed one at a time. Their decorations such as braids, tassels and pins are all handmade.

Truly inspired by our heritage.  

Dolls are approx 55cm high, and come in their own bag.

Designed and Made in Greece