Green Whitening Cream Anti Spots - Day and Night

Green Whitening Cream Anti Spots - Day and Night

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By bas­ing its ac­tion on the lily of Crete or else the lily of the sand, the green whiten­ing cream against day / night stains is an ef­fec­tive and orig­i­nal so­lu­tion to the treat­ment of spots.

With the first vis­i­ble re­sults just af­ter 2 weeks of use, as it in­hibits the syn­the­sis and trans­fer of melanin to the outer lay­ers of the epi­der­mis. Com­bined with two oily com­plexes, it of­fers a lu­mi­nous and shiny skin, with­out dark spots, while keep­ing the skin hy­drated. Un­like most prod­ucts on the mar­ket, itʼs not pho­to­sen­si­tive, so itʼs safe to use even dur­ing the day.  All products are guaranteed to be fresh.

Natural and Fresh Organic Cosmetics, Bee-Based facial products Made In Greece.  No Parabens, no chemicals, no silicone, mineral oil free, no animal testing, offered in airless packaging that protects and ensures the freshness and quality of the product. 

50ml Size Available



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