Organic Greek Lemon Essential Oil 15ml
Organic Greek Lemon Essential Oil 15ml

Organic Greek Lemon Essential Oil 15ml

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Did you know that citrus fruits may have been the famous ‘golden apples’ in Greek mythology? It is said that citruses were the dowry of Zeus’s bride, Hera, who kept them hidden in the gardens at the ‘western end of earth’ (possibly Atlas Mountains in Morocco). They were guarded by three nymphs - Hesperides (‘Daughters of Evening’).  Each nymph safeguarded her own fruit: Aigle tended the citron, Arethusa the lemon and Hesperethusa the orange. In his eleventh labour Heracles stole the fruits – referred to as the ‘golden apples’ – from the garden and gave them to mankind. Is it possible the mandarins were there too…?

Area of Origin Nafplion, Peloponnisos

There are two main ways in which essential oils can be used – through inhalation or by skin application.  We love our essential oils and would like you to enjoy them safely so, we have created some general recommendations on how to use essential oils and on their dosage. When in any doubt, please consult with a fully qualified and insured aromatherapy practitioner. 

Some examples are for room vapourisation, add to your bath, add to your footbath, for massage, add to creams, lotions and gels.