Organic Melissa Hydrolat 100ml
Organic Melissa Hydrolat 100ml

Organic Melissa Hydrolat 100ml

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From the distillation of Melissa essential oil therapeutic properties associated with melissa hydrolat: expectorant, anti-spasmodic, diaphoretic, vulnerary, anti-inflammatory, astringent, antiviral, calming to the mind

How we use it:

• It is said to be wonderful for stress and anxiety. Spray and relax.

• It is often used undiluted on cold sores and on skin irritations and rashes (poison oak or ivy). It can be added to baths and compresses.

Hydrolats are colloidal suspensions of essential oils as well as water-soluble components obtained by steam distillation.

Hydrolats are very versatile and there are endless ways to enjoy them!

Simply spray:

• As a face or body mist (close your eyes if spraying your face or neck)

• All over your feet to refresh and control the odour

• Over your clean hair to cool down or simply relax

• In your room to enhance relaxation, meditation or general ambiance (avoid spraying on upholstery, curtains, polished surfaces, wood, etc.)

• In your car to freshen up (avoid upholstery, fragile surfaces, etc.)

Simply add:

• Use in place of water and combine with some clay to make a clay face mask

• Add a splash to your bath water Simply use:

• In place of a cleanser or toner – simply splash some on a cotton pad and wipe

• In place of water in your lotions and potions