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Saint Loukas Icon

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Time and effort is put into making these beautiful icons.  All hand polished, and offer a 3D effect.  This stunning Collection has just arrived.  We will be adding different Saints each month.

Agios Loukas wrote the Gospel According to Luke and the Acts of the Apostles. He is also known as the Patron Saint of artists, doctors, surgeons, students, and butchers, also known as Saint Loukas the Blessed Surgeon.

His most important work in medicine is Sketches of Purulent Surgery (1934). This is still a reference book and a manual for surgeons. 

From his youth, he applied himself to seek after wisdom and to study the arts and sciences. He traveled all over the world to quench his thirst for knowledge and had a particular skill as a physician and in painting. 

Our Icon Collection is exclusive to Miss Ble Blu Made in Greece

The Collection is Designed and Made in Greece by Monogram Atelier

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