Timalfes Face Serum

Timalfes Face Serum

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The Timalfes Serum, re­verses time, in­hibit­ing the in­trin­sic ef­fect (chrono­log­i­cal ag­ing) and ex­oge­nous ag­ing (stress, cig­a­rette, air pol­lu­tion) and ex­hibits sig­nif­i­cant anti-wrin­kle ac­tion.

The visible benefits of consistent use are a refreshed face with fewer wrinkles, vigorous and without imperfections.  The effect of TIMALFES is based on the following active ingredients

Wild Rose Oil, Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rosewater, Squalane, Cucumber Extract, Anti-stress Peptide, Ribose, Vitamin E, Allantoin, Purple Orchid Extract, Geranium Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil 

Natural and Fresh Organic Cosmetics, Bee-Based facial products Made In Greece.  No Parabens, No Chemicals, No Silicone, Mineral Oil Free, No Animal Testing, offered in airless packaging that protects and ensures the freshness and quality of the product.