Clove Bud Organic Essential Oil 15ml
Clove Bud Organic Essential Oil 15ml

Clove Bud Organic Essential Oil 15ml

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From our friends in Sri Lanka! This essential oil promotes healthy oral care and was traditionally used in products for easing toothaches. Soothing and relaxing to the abdomen when used in a massage blend and supportive to healthy respiration. Anti-septic and very cleansing, helping deal with imposing and stuck energy in the body.

Strong, spicy, woody and penetrating, the aroma of our organic Clove Bud Essential Oil will probably be very familiar to you.   

Clove Bud Essential Oil comes from the buds of the clove tree, a native of Sri Lanka. When used in a steam inhaler, it’s known to help ease respiratory infections. Clove Bud Essential Oil has also been known to assist in the treatment of wounds, cuts and fungal infections such as athlete’s foot.

Mix clove oil with citrus essential oils to form an effective insect repellent. Plus you can also use it in your existing skin care products to boost their benefits.

Distilled in Greece