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Komboloi Aromatic Livani and Myrrh

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Arriving in Greece in the beginning of the 20th century the komboloi becomes a favourite very quickly.  Even today the komboloi continues to exist and evolve just like the Greeks.  Our tradition is in perfect harmony with our modern way of life. 

The melody of komboloi beads relaxes and becomes a beloved friend,  a companion to our joys, sorrows and thoughts. The true value of a komboloi hides inside it and we only discover it if we sit down and hang out with him, letting it reveal to us the truths he represents.

Tradition says that a komboloi should traditionally have 33 beads, or at least an odd number.  It's considered to bring good luck and happiness to its owner.  

Our komboloi are handmade in Southern Greece, by creators with many years of experience in beautiful handmade art.  We are proud to be associated with the family.

All our Komboloi come boxed with a scroll with the history of the komboloi.

Available in 5 colours, aromatic with Livani and Myrrh