Agios Paisios of Mount Athos Icon

Agios Paisios of Mount Athos Icon

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Time and effort is put into making these beautiful icons.  All hand polished, and offer a 3D effect.  This stunning Collection has just arrived.  We will be adding different Saints each month.

Agios Paisios of Mount Athos, the Holy Mountain was born on July 25, 1924 and died July 12, 1994.

Also known as Elder Paisios (Γέροντας Παΐσιος ο Αγιορείτης), was a monastic of Mount Athos.  An ascetic, he was known by his visitors for his gentle manner and acceptance of those who came to receive his advice, counsel, and blessing.

Over the course of his life the words of Agios Paisos, came to be honoured by many and was viewed as a “holy elder” by those of Greek and Russian Orthodox faith.

Agios Paisos is said to have really loved people and suffered along with those in despair, listened to them, offered them hope, and prayed for them. He spent his nights in prayer and his entire days in relieving human pain and spreading divine consolation. He guided, consoled, healed, and gave rest to countless people who took shelter in him.

His words were recorded by thousands who journeyed to seek his advice and prophecies. Agios Paisios had warned of the great cataclysms, which was said to await future generations and spoke of Greece’s crisis, as well as the European Union, and WWIII.

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