Saint Jude The Apostle Icon

Saint Jude The Apostle Icon

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Time and effort is put into making these beautiful icons. All hand polished, and offer a 3D effect. This stunning collection has just arrived.  We will be adding different Saints each month.

The Holy Apostle Jude, one of the twelve apostles of Christ, is descended from King David and Solomon and was the son of Righteous Joseph the Betrothed (Sunday after the Nativity of the Lord) by his first wife.

Saint Jude is the patron saint of desperate cases, those that have lost all hope. According to tradition, after his martyrdom, pilgrims came to his grave to pray and many of them experienced the powerful intercessions of St. Jude. Thus the title, 'The Saint for the Hopeless and the Despaired

Our Icon Collection is Exclusive to Miss Ble Blu Made in Greece

Designed and Made in Greece by Monogram Atelier

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